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Hot contributions

Howdy VW Devotees. Just a brief note of "Thanks" for all the wonderful comments on my 1st contri. Hope you love 2nd set of self-pic's. ~ Smooches ~

I love driving this way

Far from Town is a land of family and respect... a place sans pretense, and a place that exposes the pretenders... a place called Country.

Die beste im Bett.

Hi my name is missy my hubby talked me into these pics he thinks i'm hot he said if i posted these i could see what everyone else thought???

Here is part two - Love

Just an afternoon with my healthy wife...we look forward to receiving your comments, boys and women are welcome, and we'll post more

by the pool

After a night of partying, we came home and sensed a little kinky. Insatiable dreamed to demonstrate off her puss, in her boots. lol


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    learn how to sundress

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    Alas too large lips

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    damn he is gorgeous, he can fuck me anytime.

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    Yes yes very nice

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    The face blur fellates, and the graffiti on her tits is just plain retarded.You have no clue how to make a woman look good, do you.

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    Look at the shadows...or lack of shadows. This is some pud puller who is tricking you all with some crappy photoshopped pics!

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    Your extreme figure and very open expression explain why you earned such a very high score with so few shots.VERY UNUSUAL!

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    I'm just like you, I would need a lot of pornography to get hard around her.

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    VERY HOT. Missed the blessed ending tho'

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    Mmmm I like you! Just give me a call when you're in Europe :)

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    BEAUTIFUL woman!! TRUE "NIP".... send MORE shortly

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    Love the Mustang shot. Would you pose on my '67?

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    wonderful cootchie

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