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the wifey eventually let me post, shes nosey as to what u think of her and would like to do with her... good feedback will get more posts.

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I Love Her - No too much comments, just you guys and ladies love our pics because it truly turns us up to think that it'll turns you guys.

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Some of her sucking and fucking. thanks for all the nice comments. thanks tony. I will be posting more of her getting fuck and some anal briefly. love everyone

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Here are a few shots on deck of the Carnival Legend. Some posing, yes...some just "on deck!" I have hundreds more pictures from this cruise...and other cruises...so let me know what you think.

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what can one wear, so much choice. spending more time on Naturists & Naturists than at home or work. thanks as always,see u again shortly.Eat nude beach bush babe


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