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Felices Ochenta - Ay los felices ochenta y el principio del disfrute del nudismo en las playas sin la persecuci?n de la guardia civil.

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After a very engaged week unusually we hadn't seen a lot of each other so after a quick scan thru the last lot of comments and uploading some more pictures things just came to a head!

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My GF J.C. has a fresh silk bathrobe she is attempting on. She has a difficult time keeping it closed. Somethings keep getting in the way. He, he, he.

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Here's some of my wifey getting in the xmas mood, more to go after, let her know what idea's you all may have in mind for xmas maybe she will fullfill...Swingers mass orgies on the private beach tube


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    yes! I want to see a smoothly-shaven vagina

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    Nice doll but it's photochopped to hell..

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    Last pic what a fine view of a woman waiting to be Ploughed . would love to jizz all over those puffies and see her eat it off ...

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    that pubic hair and that assets is soooooooooooo SEXY............I VOTED SUPERB

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    Was I rude? Meaant to say wrong category.

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    With or sans the mirrors, this lady is HOT!!! No doubt about it..

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    Lovely Lady and So Lickable :)

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    Susi superb as usual! charlie

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    Miss N, how do I describe your breast other than a supreme lump of art work! You have divine forearms with lengthy frigs, too...


    Amigo, que mulher maravilhosa. O corpo dela e muito parecido com a minha. Ja postei fotos da minha na Naturists, tambem com o psudonome de brazilian wifey, mas ja tem tempo. Voce esta de parabens!

    Wrote Aleksey75

    Your Lady Friday is hot, hot, hot! Sometimes it those externally "prim and proper" ones that are the hottest! My own "Girl Friday", S, is not only my live in counterpart, paramour and best friend, but she has, for the last Five years, run my law office (we've been together for 13+ years, so she was paramour before she went to work for me). Clients and others who know us in the puny town we work and live in would most likely never suspect how hot she is, and that we are active swingers. We'd both love to see more of your "Girl Friday". Some stockings, garter belt, etc., under that slinky sundress would be excellent, to. We're indeed into sexy undergarments, notably retro.

    Wrote tamilcamboy

    Thanks for all the excellent can email us @

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    more of this stunner please!

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    Good butt but just a peek of her petite perky breasts, would love to her ideal breasts front and center!

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    Reminds me that I made nothing in this world more beautiful than a lovely woman.

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    Bonjour les miss. Félicitations pour avoir osé. Superbes vos clichés en extérieur. Bises.

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    i think you look fairly beautiful, and that you pull off the vulnerablity perceiving purrfectly. would love to hear and see more. respectfully

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    I'm guessing if you flash those dandies at Kangaroos you make them do back dual back rolls. :)

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    If you were in the bathroom next to me I would have knocked the wall down to be in the bathroom with you excellent shots thanks Tom

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    time to embark thinking about your food

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    bet she tastes great!!

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    Hallo, bin ein sexfreudiger, gesunder verheirateter Mann, der Fervor auf Gang-bang hat... Schreibst du mir ??? Freue mich... Dani

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    I love her tits also

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    Sleazzy - too bad about the unexperienced ink.

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    Hiya, Sassi, damsel with the active frigs. If I had a bod like yours (p-e-r-f-e-c-t, that is!!), I'd be playing with it all the time, too. What a lovely snatch, what sensitive frigs, lovely smile and "just right" breasts and nips. You are a wond

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    I like ur assets

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    Superb HIPS!!!

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    Beautiful. I would love to see more.

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    Fine titties, curvy and lickable. wish Two see her sweet ass.hope Two hear from her. classy poses. thanks Four sharing.

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    Nice bod. Why hide it?

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    Cheryl HOT HOTIER & HOTEST pictures of you yet, what are you going to do for your next se of pictures.

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    she would be pretty if she smiled.............miserable or what???

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    Beautiful tits. Thanks for posting.

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    Be braver, you look very very good

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    Even nicer than my 22 year old wifey. I would say not bad at all dude!

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    No matter what section she is posted. She still looks fine.

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    Fine photography and what a fine body.Superb vote you are hot


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