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I witnessed the model at an e-fair near Leipzig, Germany. Its is a lengthy time ago. What a pity! If i had other pic`s like this iwill sent more.

She's so cheap

Thanks for your nice comments to my publication in September. Some of them were remarkably pleasurable, however vulgar :) Post in comments what you would like to see from me next time!


Just a few more photos that we shot that Sunday afternoon, ones that truly didn't fit with our other two contris. Hope you love them!

For all Ferrari aficionados

This is my friend's wifey, Amy. Her very first shots for you. We often get together to all soiree, sometimes it gets wild and the camera comes out. If you think she's hot, maybe we can take some more.

Love !!!!

...lead to us getting it together in a phone booth,with a door but glass on three sides!The most over the top exploit we have ever done, very raunchy peculiarly as Julie was wearing jeans...


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    Calamity, I am sure you picked up a few more devotees from the parking lot. I think they had a nicer view than we did with the arty treatment. Nice titties tho.

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