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Never seen before. 100% true inexperienced. Entirely bashful and all natural. If she knew she would kill me. Pics even taken with shitty camera so take it effortless on the criticism, it's a very first for both of us.

Ela ama isto!

Hi all ~ Been a lengthy time since I posted self-pic's. Here's a fresh batch. Stats: Age 51, 5'(on a good day)& 97 lbs. Also is pic Hubby took ~ Hope you love ;)

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Hey I appreciate any comments. I like everybody, extreme sports and having a good time in general. I truly love the company of older women who know how to take charge. Thanks for looking!!!

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After we did a few Naturists contras and our rank is not bad at all, we would like to introduce ourselves to Naturists as well with a few much tamer shots!

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Here is part Two for you perverts>>>If you want more you will have to vote for me because that is how it works. If you want the nasty stuff say so don't be chicken.Party group fucking on beaches


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    You are posting some awesome photos of your hot little wifey. It would be supreme if you would use the same model name each time, that way your photos would be automatically linked.

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    B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! ! Excellent capture. Thanks for sharing her with us!!!

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    Supreme pics again... albeit i must admit i liked the jewelery from last year ;)

    Wrote mazobeacher

    Super EMA von allen heute absolut das beste. Mach weiter so und zeig uns biite mehr.

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    nothing to see but a big fat bum

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    hot nude only in crimson high heel sandals

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    It's not to. It's too. Dumbass!

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    Looked good... needs to model in some satin undies if you dont mind.

    Wrote snowlion82

    I like the little sunburn, do you have more? voted supeerb

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    O yea, thats a nice arse, picture number one was the best. If I were you I would pull that gstring pantie to the side and shove that big manstick in her bootie and pump a hot explosion into it, then take pictures.

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    you have a very sexy assets Pamela, love the big lengthy puffies, there are so many things that you can do with them for stimulation...right now you are getting me very stimulated...

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    Awesome pics in shower;Please send more...

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    Love to see the rest of you

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    not a woman but that is one nice man sausage !!!

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    Very titillating. No trim needed.

    Wrote xcolinx

    sepia works well when the camera man knows what the fuck he is doing... unfortunately--you dont. blurring the face is one thing.. blurring the pic.. just stupid

    Wrote alimyself

    I wish I could take he pearls off and out of you to put in my mouth to taste your moisture. It would be like an aphrodisiac. It would stimulate and thrill me to want fucky-fucky with you in the worst way. I say worst partly because I am sexually aroused by you and yet can't ensue thru and make the arousal go away nture provides us with. Arousal with you would create rapturous lovemaking and exhaustive satisfaction.

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    c'est curieux j'ai une impression de deja vu ici.

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    hi, where are u from?

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    I want to fuck you so much baby. dave_fun

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    That assets of hers is unspoiled passion.

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    Hot vulva lips and culo in picture Four.

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    nice phat breast!!!

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    i love a woman that will fuck with her footwear on.... ummmm you are so damned hot you sizzle!

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    I don't truly know why, but I love the style of undies you picked out for the very first picture. I guess that's because that's what gals and women wore when I was growing up. I loved pulling them down from their waists and exposing the tops of their bushes. It was hot!

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    Superb!!!! Again, the odor n taste of your beaver n asshole has to be the best!! Love to have a sample!!

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    Fine gams or bad titty job, both names would fit.

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    Lekker likken aan dat lekker poesje

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    Excellent pics Lin! You looks very sexy in your bod suit. Love the form of your bod and the way you are posing. I'm lovin’ your pics, just as much you do taking them. Hope to see more of your beauty!

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    she is a doll, now find a way to demonstrate it. pics were-eh.

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    Wow! She looks hot for52!!How do you keep her from all the youthful hard-on who must be waiting in the wings! Excellent pics babe,please come back briefly. YES,Id eat you! Thanks Mr.Bob

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    there was something about pic Six

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    Ronniejo honey, you deserve a nicer camera!!!

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    Dude, ya got big pouch (as the telling goes) to demonstrate that slender dick and little bag.

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    She's very pretty. I love getting a peak at her tits. I'm glad she likes to display them, she must be very horny.

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    Beautiful woman! On your next free time just invite me over! Which part of France do you live in? I live in Germany. I'd love to play with your beautiful body!

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    nalgas! she obviously likes it up the bootie. That arse fuck-hole looks like its getting worked out.

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    Since you are on tour... You can go sans panty! Awaiting your upskirt shots! Love your nipples!

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    Your looking so dammned goooood!please, demonstrate us your face! Your age?So pretty!!!

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    Beautiful Candace !!! ... Does she Suck Shaft ??? ... Why did she not finish him off Herself ???

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    as I said last week....NEAR PERFECTION! And to think...some lucky dude is tap'in that on a regular basis. Now how would you like to see pic's of that.

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    I agree. Sexy as hell! Thank you!! Hope we see more!!!

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    Amazing pictures, please send more soon!

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    Camera got your attention??

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    Hana you are an amazingly hot lady! If I had to guess you are from Brazil

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    Looks tight! Both holes!

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    Damn she has a killer assets

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